Australian Food and Farming Loan Fund

Fixed return of 8% p.a. paid semi-annually and guaranteed by AFF.
The Fund is also entitled to an annual profit distribution of 30% of net profit generated by AFF.
AFF have secured contributed net equity of $10 million to capitalize AFF.
Minimum investment of $100,000, with a loan term of 3 years.
Investing in operating agricultural assets focused on beef and lamb production in Northern Victoria.
Managed by professional agricultural asset managers with a strong focus on operational risk management

Japanese Income Fund

Targets 8% p.a income return, paid monthly basis, plus potential for capital gain.
Minimum investment of $100,000, with a minimum investment term of 12 months.
The fund will invest directly in distressed property and Japanese Real Estate Investment Trusts.
Income streams derived from rental yields along with long-term capital growth.
Reliable and professional partners both involved in Japan and Australia.

Low Density Real Estate Development Fund

Aims to provide a return that is reflective of exposure to the Australian Residential property development sector.
Minimum investment of $50,000, with quarterly withdrawals.
The Fund develops residential property projects in Australia, with a development term of under two years.
The Management Team have delivered over 20 completed townhouse and apartment projects.
Focuses on areas with strong population growth, and high clearance rates.

First Guardian Pan Asian Fund

Absolute Return focused, actively managed to generate positive returns in all market conditions.
Aims to generate attractive capital gains from country, sector and stock selection.
Minimum investment $100,000 with monthly redemptions permitted
Provides investors with professionally managed exposure to Asian growth markets.