Asian equities.
Absolute return strategies.
Hedge funds.
Multi-sector diversified.
Socially responsible investment.


High net worth wealth management.
Strategic asset allocation.
Business advisory.
Project due dilligence.


Ethical investing.
Growth and income strategies.
Lifecycle and glide-path investing.
Australian Prudent Super
Australian Islamic Super
Australian Choice Super
First Guardian Super

Our Investment Philosophy

First Guardian works closely with investors and businesses alike, that are looking to achieve sustainable growth in the Asia Pacific region in order to enhance and maximise long-term value and wealth creation. We have consistently based our investment decisions on thorough research and sound risk management, assuming a long-term view, focusing on achieving responsible capital growth.

Our mission is to enable our clients to achieve their financial objectives through superior investment returns and solutions. We do this through offering a compact, client-oriented range of responsible, actively-managed investment strategies, all underpinned by our proprietary process. Our product range includes equity funds, real asset investments, private equity and structured products. As we are a pure play asset manager, we do not have the distractions of offering other financial services such as banking or insurance. Investing and advising is our sole focus.

We have a relationship-driven philosophy for working with our clients. By providing intelligent, relevant and ongoing support and advice we become their trusted advisor.