First Guardian Super provides a range of investment options that cater for the needs of our community.

With First Guardian Super, you have the option to set your own, personal investment strategy by choosing which investment option or combination of options you would like to invest your super in.

Investor Choice Options

You can choose to take an active role in your investment decisions. Our ‘Investor Choice’ options allow you to choose your investments from a range of options. You can switch between options at any time.

Diversified Options

These portfolio mixes offer you the ability to take more control, and to tailor your asset allocation according to your risk preference more specifically.

Our diversified portfolios invest in the same diversified pools. As such, we seek to manage risk by diversifying across a number of investment types. We offer three options, with differing levels of investment risk:

  • First Guardian Defensive Strategies Class
  • First Guardian Diversified Strategies Class
  • First Guardian Growth Strategies Class

Asset Class Options

Asset class specific options give you the ability to invest solely in an individual asset class or choose your own asset allocation to create a diversified portfolio. Asset class options can also be used in combination with Diversified options. First Guardian has extensive experiences and achievements in investing following types of assets classes:

  • Equity
  • Property
  • Agriculture
  • Income

You should proceed cautiously when investing in asset class options. You should objectively consider your familiarity with the individual asset classes, economic cycles, their impacts (positive and negative) on investment markets and, in particular, the performance of asset classes.

If you choose your own asset allocation, remember that the balance of your asset allocation will change over time depending on the performance of each asset class in which you have invested. If you are using asset class options, you should review your asset allocation at least once a year to ensure it is still consistent with your objectives and to ensure you are sufficiently diversified across asset classes.

You should have properly developed investment objectives and strategy. We recommend you seek financial advice if you need assistance with this.

Any Unit Holder (the "Complainant") may make a complaint about any aspect of the Trust by writing to the Responsible Entity at the registered office of the Responsible Entity. Indirect investors also have access to this complaints resolution policy. The Complainant must set out in the notice adequate details of the complaint and provide its name and contact details. If the complaint is not sufficiently described so as to prevent the complaint from being adequately investigated, the Responsible Entity must make reasonable enquiries to obtain full particulars of the complaint.