Our Investment Strategy Team’s aim is to preserve and increase your wealth through tailored investment in best-of-breed investment products. We create specific strategies and based on your specific needs and objectives, monitoring and adjusting your investment mix, as markets and circumstances change.

As an independently-owned business, we continue to apply the principles and values on which we were founded: integrity, accountability, ethical conduct and long-term vision. We put risk management at the core of our investment strategies, constructing portfolios around the most relevant definition of risk: the maximum expected loss that a client can accept.

We would rather forego an opportunity than invest when risk is not sufficiently rewarded or transparent to assess. Our inherently prudent attitude and state-of-the-art risk assessment tools allows us to limit losses on client portfolios relative to our peers and assist us deliver superior investment results in the long term.

First Guardian offers discretionary accounts with an absolute return focus managed against either market-based or tailored benchmarks. We establish the individual return expectations and risk profile of each client as the basis for the portfolio we build. We offer you access to every market worldwide. Your portfolio can be invested in individual securities and managed funds. Our team works with you to understand your wealth planning objectives, legal and tax issues, as well as your preferences in terms of financial instruments, sectors and markets.

Our secure investment platform offers you online access at all times to a fully transparent, consolidated view of all your portfolio holdings. You can therefore evaluate the full scope of how your wealth and risks are being managed on a global scale.