Low Density Real Estate Development Fund

Aims to provide a return that is reflective of exposure to the Australian Residential property development sector.
Minimum investment of $50,000, with quarterly withdrawals.
The Fund develops residential property projects in Australia, with a development term of under two years.
The Management Team have delivered over 20 completed townhouse and apartment projects.
Focuses on areas with strong population growth, and high clearance rates.

First Guardian Australian Development Fund

Aims to provide a return that is reflective of exposure to the Australian residential property development sector, and targets to generate long term return of CPI plus 8% p.a
Each investor must subscribe for units worth at least $50,000
The Fund will be invested in a select portfolio of residential property development projects, managed by a dedicated project management team.
The Fund is a long term investment, with a recommended investment period of 3 to 5 years. Your initial and any subsequent investment must be held for a minimum of 2 years from the last day of the month in which the investment was made.

First Guardian Pan Asian Fund

Absolute Return focused, actively managed to generate positive returns in all market conditions.
Aims to generate attractive capital gains from country, sector and stock selection.
Minimum investment $100,000 with monthly redemptions permitted
Provides investors with professionally managed exposure to Asian growth markets.

First Guardian Emerging Companies Fund

First Guardian Capital applies a core-satellite strategy for the Fund, where it will invest into the shares of around 30 to 40 emerging companies (known as microcap securities) listed on the ASX. As part of the Funds investment strategy, it will also invest into exchange traded funds (ETFs) and from time to time participate in initial public offerings (IPOs). The term microcap refers to the stock of public companies that have a market capitalisation of below $500 million.
The Fund aims to generate long term returns of CPI plus 5% p.a.
The Fund will generally hold shares listed on the ASX, plus an allocation to cash for liquidity purposes.
Minimum investment of $1,000,000, with a loan term of 3 - 5 years.

Australian Food and Farming Loan Fund

Fixed return of 8% p.a. paid semi-annually and guaranteed by AFF.
The Fund is also entitled to an annual profit distribution of 30% of net profit generated by AFF.
AFF have secured contributed net equity of $10 million to capitalize AFF.
Minimum investment of $100,000, with a loan term of 3 years.
Investing in operating agricultural assets focused on beef and lamb production in Northern Victoria.
Managed by professional agricultural asset managers with a strong focus on operational risk management

First Guardian Boutique Development Fund

The Fund will provide investors with an opportunity to access returns from a diversified portfolio of Australian property development assets, developed directly by the Fund.
All investments made by the Fund will be made on an unsecured, equity basis.

First Guardian Trade Finance Fund

The Fund will provide investors with an opportunity to access attractive returns from investing in secured trade finance transactions in Australia and select Asian markets.
The key objectives of the Fund are to provide Investors with access to a portfolio of investment opportunities delivering attractive returns, secured against real assets.

PropFundr Australia

The Fund derives its investments from quality Australian residential, commercial, tourism, infrastructure, health and aged care-related property development projects, managed by PFA.
The focus of these investments, subject to Investment Committee approval, is providing finance to selected property developers and their projects, with a maximum 3-year term.