First Guardian acts in accordance with the principles of ethical investment. Our focus is on providing strong, consistent investment performance, whilst also contributing to positive, sustainable change, across society and the environment.

Given the increasingly complex nature of global financial markets, it is important to maintain a strict, and thorough oversight of all investments to ensure they are in accordance with socially responsible investing principles. First Guardian Super has engaged MSCI Research, a leader in ethical investing, to provide input into investment screens. As long-term investors, we ensure that our investment timeframe is aligned with that of our clients. We apply ethical investment principles which are implemented at every step of our investment process First Guardian Super adheres to the Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI), in accordance with the United Nations' PRI initiative.

First Guardian Super is about offering members the opportunity to invest in an ethical manner. In essence it is for the "Socially-conscious individual". First Guardian Super will employ a range of fundamental and technical investment criteria and will also incorporate an assessment of the following elements into investment decisions:

  • The reputation for honesty and sincerity of the company
  • The quality and authenticity of the product or service provided
  • The credibility of the company's products and marketing claims
  • The company's adherence to values of honesty and trustworthiness
  • The company's perceived sense of community mindedness
  • The transparency of the company's communications with investors and clients