First Guardian is a cornerstone member of the First Guardian Group, which also includes interests across the agriculture and property sectors. Fundamental to the group’s profitability and value proposition to all stakeholders is a strong focus on leveraging synergistic benefits across group companies. Identifying areas for integration across the group is a key focus for staff at all levels. Investment management and sustainable development are characteristic themes common to each of the group companies. While the group operates globally, each of the companies has a strong focus on value creation and delivery across and between Australia Asia and Middle Eastern markets.

Our Values


Our professional services are of the highest calibre. We differentiate ourselves through our specialized integrated approach, superior service and an acute focus on sustainable value creation for our clients.


We develop tailor-made innovative solutions. We respond to new requirements, market developments and investment instruments to continually adapt to changes in client requirements and the market.


Financial relationships are becoming increasingly complex. We are confident that we can only achieve your objectives through uncompromising transparency which we implement in the structuring, documentation and pricing of our products and services.


Your trust can only be won through our personal commitment to your objectives and by our loyalty, integrity and consistently superior performance. These values are essential if we are to earn the loyalty of our clients today and for the future.


We are a nimble, results focused advisor, committed to achieving optimum returns for our clients. We are not restricted to offering a limited product range and are therefore able to act in the best interests of our clients. Our decisions are not clouded by large corporate beaurocracy or the conflicts that often accompany it.


As global markets remain volatile and are rarely predictable. Our experience in all relevant aspects of financial markets combined with our specialist skills in portfolio management, make us a reliable advisor and investment partner.