First Guardian works closely with investors and businesses alike, that are looking to achieve sustainable growth in the Asia Pacific region in order to enhance and maximise long-term value and wealth creation. We have consistently based our investment decisions on thorough research and sound risk management, assuming a long-term view, focusing on achieving responsible capital growth.

Our mission is to enable our clients to achieve their financial objectives through superior investment returns and solutions. We do this through offering a compact, client-oriented range of responsible, actively-managed investment strategies, all underpinned by our proprietary process. As we are a pure play asset manager, we do not have the distractions of offering other financial services such as banking or insurance. Investing and advising is our sole focus.

Asset Management

Our core competencies include absolute return investment strategies, multi-asset portfolios, strategic asset allocation, and risk management. We apply a flexible, all-weather investment style, which consistently adds value over time, independent of market conditions.

Corporate Finance & Commodities

Our corporate advisory team performs an end-to-end role managing all aspects of our clients’ corporate and debt structuring requirements. Our capabilities include analysis of operations and trading, risk assessment, identification of appropriate funding mechanisms and venues, debt structuring and capital raising, negotiation of financing terms, management of financial closure, and post-drawdown project management.

Investment Banking

FGC can act as Corporate Advisor to manage the entire process of listing and to facilitate the preparation of all relevant documents. Our focus is to formulate a persuasive investment proposition that will be attractive to investors both locally and globally. We work with clients to structure each offer such that it adheres to all listing requirements and accurately presents the opportunity to investors. FGC will arrange for independent legal review and financial audit, to ensure all the listing and regulatory requirements of the stock exchange and ASIC are fully met.

FGC will manage the entire listing process; organise the resources necessary for successfully preparing marketing and finan- cial information, and will provide ongoing services after listing. FGC will fully review and advise on the business strategy and marketing plans, and develop the documents necessary for the prospectus to reflect the investment opportunity.


First Guardian operates an innovative, specialist superannuation (pension) fund, Australian Choice Super. The Fund is specifically designed and managed to meet the needs of Australia’s socially conscious community with an appetite for responsible investing. The Fund enables investors to grow their superannuation whilst contributing to positive, sustainable change, across society and the environment.